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The Soffi Steel System

This Made in the USA steel soffit safely conceals your exposed sprinkler and mechanical systems in an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-install manner.  The Soffi-Steel® System has the unique CON-SEAL-IT™ caulk-retaining groove that provides a tightly sealed system, and is produced from A60/G90 The Soffi Steel Systemgalvannealed steel.  This reliable and trustworthy enclosure conforms to the highest standards as it is both FM Approved and UL Listed.  Click on the Soffi-Steel® System logo or visit our products page for more information.




AlumA-Fit concealment system

Like our other concealment systems, the ALumA-Fit™ Concealment System was designed to cover one or multiple exposed mechanicals.  Its pre-painted textured finish conceals the unsightly exposed mechanicals and adapts to the aesthetics of the facility.  The ALumA-Fit™ Concealment System is a non-obtrusive pipe enclosure and is completely independent from your pipe layout.  It is easily installed and is maintenance-free.  The ALumA-Fit™ Concealment System also has a convenience factor - it can be fabricated to the dimensions you need on the job site by our installation team.  This allows for on-site adaptability.  It gives you the flexibility in your pipe design layout that you may need from room to room, floor to floor of your project. 

Interlock Logo

The Interlock™ Concealment System is much the same as the Soffi-Steel® System.  It is strong and durable, made in the USA and is produced from A60/G90 galvannealed steel, however has a few modifications for the purposes of greater economy.  The Interlock™ Concealment System is a more economical Interlock Concealment Systemalternative to typical drywall applications and carries the FM Approval.  Click on the Interlock™ Concealment Systems logo or visit our product page for more information.  




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